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The Killer Bride disturbs Las Espadas | TKB Recap


The Killer Bride: Week 10 Recap - Part 1
The Killer Bride: October 14-16 Episodes

With her parents and friends in attendance, Luna (Alexa Ilacad) announces that she is the new owner of The Killer Café. However, seeing the man she loves acting sweet to another woman on what is supposed to be her night gets her riled up and pushes her to spoil Emma (Janella Salvador) and Elias' (Joshua Garcia) fun celebration. When her act fails, Luna resorts to challenging Emma in the hopes of humiliating the latter in front of everyone. Meanwhile, Fabio (Miko Raval) decides to spy on his adopted daughter. Elsewhere, Ivan (Angelo Patrimonio) is spooked to the core upon receiving a mysterious package.

After celebrating her fake birthday, Emma (Janella Salvador) expresses to Fabio (Miko Raval) how guilty she feels about lying to her friends. She then tries to evade Camila's (Maja Salvador) questions as she recalls Elias' (Joshua Garcia) encounter with a woman in white. Meanwhile, Fabio finds a way to sneak into Vito's (Geoff Eigenmann) secret room. There, he discovers the information Vito gathered on Camila's case. Elsewhere, Emma catches Mario (CK Kieron) and his friends plotting against Mildred (Vivoree Esclito).

Despite Tsoknat's (Pamu Pamorada) disapproval, Emma (Janella Salvador) puts a stop to Mario (CK Kieron) and his friends' plans of humiliating Mildred (Vivoree Esclito). Mildred's interrogation against her friends is cut short when a killer bride chases after them. Meanwhile, Fabio (Miko Raval) returns to Vito's (Geoff Eigenmann) secret room. Camila (Maja Salvador), on the other hand, learns about Felipe's (James Blanco) devious plans. At Las Espadas' police station, Alejandro (Mike Lloren) receives multiple reports about a killer bride wreaking havoc at the streets of their small town.

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Recap Cast:
Maja Salvador (Camila, Alba) / Geoff Eigenmann (Vito) / Joshua Garcia (Elias) / Miko Raval (Fabio, Edmundo) / Janella Salvador (Emma) / Alexa Ilacad (Luna) / Sam Concepcion (Luis) / Cris Villanueva (Luciano) / James Blanco (Felipe) / Loren Burgos (Tessa) / Malou de Guzman (Manay Ichu, Marichu) / Pamu Pamorada (Tsoknat) / Pepe Herrera (Iking) / Neil Coleta (Intoy) / CK Kieron (Mario) / Vivoree Esclito (Mildred) / Kyle Velino (George) / Aldrin Angeles (Benjamin) / Angelo Patrimonio (Ivan) / Melizza Jimenez (Sonya) / Jessica Marco (Kyla) / Jobelle Salvador (Antonia) / uncredited (Atty. Oliveros) / Mike Lloren (Alejandro)


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Cameroon: A Silent Killer
25 Oct 2019
Cameroon: A Silent Killer
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