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General Ook
General Ook
19 Oct 2019

drone + photoshop <br />[] In British tv ads, slow meaningful piano music. <br />[] It seems about 20% of the time I'm in the guitar shop there is some kid playing Smoke on the Water while his friend watches, amazed. <br />[] Peter Mayhew (Chewie) = 2,21 m <br />Han Solo (Harrison Ford) = 1,85 m <br />[] Ive shown up to stores in the google open hours and have found it to be closed I usually call now since I don't live in a city and it takes a bit of a drive <br />[] I'd rather keep my reddit account detached from my true identity. But I'm a uni student, are you? <br />[] When I drove my GTA car into his during a heist <br />[] My first thought was, this guy hasn't been laid in 2 years. <br /> <br />Then I thought, where does he shower? <br /> <br />But damn, he's saved a lot of money in rent and other payments. <br />[] So now we've gone from "in such a racist society" to "w-well there's some racism!" <br /> <br />Just stop being retarded. <br />[] Oh, the last minute security-check kind of lady. She thought you were like the airport staff who let her pass ahead of others because she came five minutes before the departure of her flight. <br />[] It's already established that she isn't willing to cooperate and learn. <br />[] I guess you missed 2015 when over a million people moved to Europe, mostly by walking, giving up their jobs, homes, families, and for some of them their lives. <br /> <br />These were the sane ones. <br /> <br />What do you think the insane ones would be willing to give up? <br />[] God damn it do you have to make me choose?! Haha, but to be honest it's a tie between UP, Wall-E and the Incredibles for me, with Toy Story 2 a close second. <br />[] Waste of oxygen <br />[] By that logic, nobody would ever watch anything other than international championships. But this isn't about watching the best, most of the time you want to watch your favorite team however good or bad they play. The sexist part is that nobody wants to watch women. <br />[] The Bible isn't really a single book as such. It's a collection of many books. <br /> <br />Some of those books tell stories, but some of those books are just genealogical records. "And then John begat Steve. And then Steve begat Rick. And then Rick begat Frank." and so on and so forth. <br />[] An entire article about how Booz Allen has been the catalyst for waste, fraud, and abuse, details about how the company has permitted massive breeches of classified data based on shoddy hiring practices, limited oversight, and a clear agenda of creating mechanisms for subverting congressional limits and safegaurds. <br /> <br />And one of this guy's first lines is: <br /> <br /> <br />they are just extremely good at it compared to their government counterparts. <br /> <br /> <br />Sure, this guys are competent, nimble, and indispensable - so long as your objective is to put profit ahead of security and stability, and engender long-term abusers of the system to become integral parts of the system in the future. <br />[] "yeah boi" videos are getting really long. <br />[] <br />With more jobs becoming obsolete and shitty wages, what other choice is there? <br /> <br /> <br />The implication is obvious <br />[] This fall is not about "a fault", this is a major currency shift. <br />[] I thought he was a she <br />[] The correlation here means something, I just don't yet know what that is. <br />[] If you like Poe, this channel is hilarious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kf4qOiaNmlc&index=6&list=PLs2T_dNZ-XW5koycOUJ7VVfL8ddzoG4kA&ab_channel=Shipwrecked. <br />[] Just because someone is"Fun," "respectful," and "loves having debates," does not mean they are in any way factual. I could argue all day about there being a magic invisible unicorn and bring in "facts" to prove it, but just because I speak/argue well doesn't mean I'm correct. <br />[] Its called a Peep Hole. People! Hehe <br /> <br />http://dailymotionembedcode.blogspot.com

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