Rwenzori: Mountains of the Moon, Uganda in 4K Ultra HD

General Ook
General Ook
25 Oct 2019

Rwenzori: the most scenic, beautiful, mystic, diverse mountain in Africa.
Rwenzori mountains are located on the border between DR Congo and Uganda. Rwenzori Mountains National Park is a Ugandan national park and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

"The Rwenzori Mountains are the highest and most permanent sources of the River Nile, and constitute a vital water catchment. Their multitude of fast flowing rivers, magnificent waterfalls and stratified vegetation make the property exceptionally scenic and beautiful." (UNESCO)

In the video - 7 day hiking Rwenzori Central Circuit.
Day 1 (0:01) - Kasese to Nyabitaba Hut (2,651 m/8,700 ft).
Day 2 (1:32) - Nyabitaba Hut to John Matte Hut (3,505 m/11,500 ft).
Day 3 (4:38) - John Matte Hut to Bujuku Hut (3,962 m/13,000 ft).
Day 4 (7:45) - Bujuku Hut to Elena Hut (4,541 m/14,900 ft).
Day 5 (9:42) - Elena Hut to Kitandara Hut (4,023 m/13,200 ft).
Day 6 (11:12) - Kitandara Hut to Guy Yeoman Hut (3,505 m/11,500 ft).
Day 7 (14:03) - Guy Yeoman Hut to Kasese.

Recorded January 2017 in 4K Ultra HD with Sony AX100 and Sony a6300.

Rejuvenescence - Dreamscapes - 02 - Shining Place
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