???????? Ghana Ep:9 Our 2nd day in Ghana! Accra Mall, Shopping and a GHANIAN meal at Rosejoy

General Ook
General Ook
25 Oct 2019

Join us on the 2nd day of our 5 week vacation in Accra, Ghana. We are taking a drive to Accra mall. Enjoying the sights while we have our first taste of Bofrot all in the comfort of our car. We then enjoy our first taste of GHANIAN food and end with dessert and walk around the mall. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell so you know whenever I drop a new video! Any negative or mean spirited comments will be deleted and yiu will be blocked. Good vibes only. This is my perfectly imperfect family, take it or leave it, we are keeping this a positive channel! We appreciate all our faithful viewers and supporters! Enjoy!

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