Driven: An Unauthorized Story on The Clintons

General Ook
General Ook
23 Nov 2019

Interested in humanitarian causes, politics and the arts, the Clinton's have been a pioneering family who have supported and driven each other in their unrivaled careers. Although they have one of the most dissected marriages in America, Bill and Hillary Clinton have kept their marriage together in spite of rough times, complicated and busy schedules, and lack of privacy. While Hillary Rodham Clinton's activism as First Lady resulted in probably the highest public profile ever accorded a presidential spouse, the Clinton's were deeply protective of the priva- cy of their only child, Chelsea. Chelsea, was born on February 27, 1980, and spent her entire childhood as the daughter of two very active and politically driven public figures. Driven begins with the Bill and Hillary story with their first meeting in the Yale Law School library in a fabled and maybe even true story of how Hillary accosted Bill who was so smitten he couldn't remember his own name. We track family life, examine their political careers and explore the highs, lows and challenges that this polarizing family has endured along the way.

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