Does the N.F.L. Have a Usain Bolt? Here Are the League’s Fastest Players

General Ook
General Ook
04 Nov 2019

Does the N.F.L. Have a Usain Bolt? Here Are the League’s Fastest Players<br />So the top speed of the fastest running back is only slightly better than the top speed of the fastest defensive lineman.<br />this season through Week 16, and then average the top speed of each receiver across<br />all of those plays, the Rams have the fastest group with an average of 13.32 m.p.h.<br />After the game, Wilson said the tackle “took me back to my high school days when I used to play corner.”<br />Likewise, Browns receiver Ricardo Louis hit 21.88 m.p.h.<br />“Oh, absolutely,” said the Jets’ Elijah McGuire, who had the fourth-fastest speed for a running back this season (21.17 m.p.h.)<br />“It might give you a good look to see what you can run in a straight line, but football’s not played in a straight line.”<br />At the 2017 combine, 53 players ran the 40-yard dash faster than Louisiana State’s Leonard Fournette (4.51 seconds).<br />Many of the top speeds on special teams this season were negated by penalties, but the Texans’ Chris Thompson (22.64 m.p.h.)<br />Fournette, who said he had never been caught from behind in the open field, believes combine time is not a fair indication of a player’s true speed.<br />But it’s Fournette, the 240-pound bruiser, who has actually clocked the N. F.L.’s fastest speed on offense this season, according to Sportradar.<br />Football speed and track speed is a big difference, man.”<br />Other top speeds on offense: Todd Gurley, Rams (21.98 m.p.h.<br />on the play, was caught from behind by Cowboys safety Byron Jones, who ran 22.11 m.p.h.

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