China virus: Life goes on for foreign students in Wuhan amid lockdown

General Ook
General Ook
15 Jul 2020

Foreign students in the central Chinese city where the coronavirus began buy their groceries as normal, despite a government-imposed lockdown.<br /><br />Footage filmed by Indonesian student Yuliannova Lestari on Thursday (January 23) just hours after the shutdown began shows students from Central China Normal University going to a local grocery store in Wuhan.<br /><br />At the store some of the group purchase essentials such as milk and fruit. They also purchase Nutella chocolate spread.<br /><br />While the grocery store is busy, the road outside is deserted.<br /><br />Lestari - originally from Indonesia and studying a PhD in International Relations - told Newsflare: "There is some action that has been done by the university, such as providing free masks, a thermometer and also liquid hand wash to the international students.<br /><br />"The university created a WeChat group for the students to make a daily report regarding their body temperature. It's supposed to be reported daily before 12 o'clock every night.<br /><br />"The corridor, entrance, the elevator in the International Students Dormitory also has been cleaned with disinfectant daily.<br /><br />"We are also told by the university that we need to avoid crowded places full of people. <br /><br />"The public transportation systems have been closed as per January 23 from 10am, including MRT, Bus, as well as airports. <br /><br />"All flights outgoing from Wuhan also has been cancelled."

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