Amazon Charger Review.. Brilliant charger comes with 2 batteries...great entry level addition for th

General Ook
General Ook
25 Oct 2019 <br /> <br />Amazon rechargeable battery.....Great price, comes with 2 batteries...small & compact. <br /> <br />Product Description <br />In the Box: <br />- 2x Band New Battery <br />- 1x Brand New Charger <br />- 1x New Car Charger <br />2 year warranty <br /> <br />Work For: <br />- CCD-RV100 CCD-RV200 <br />- CCD-SC5 CCD-SC5/E CCD-SC55E CCD-SC55 CCD-SC6 CCD-SC65 CCD-SC7 CCD-SC7/E CCD-SC8/E CCD-SC9 <br />- CCD-TR1 CCD-TR11 CCD-TR1100E CCD-TR12 CCD-TR18 CCD-TR18E CCD-TR1E CCD-TR2 CCD-TR200 <br />- CCD-TR205 CCD-TR215 CCD-TR2200E CCD-TR2300 CCD-TR2300E CCD-TR280PK CCD-TR290PK CCD-TR3 <br />- CCD-TR300 CCD-TR3000 CCD-TR3000E CCD-TR3100E CCD-TR311E CCD-TR315 CCD-TR315E CCD-TR317 <br />- CCD-TR3200E CCD-TR3300 CCD-TR3300E CCD-TR411E CCD-TR412E CCD-TR413 CCD-TR414 CCD-TR415E <br />- CCD-TR416 CCD-TR417 CCD-TR417E CCD-TR425E CCD-TR427 CCD-TR427E CCD-TR500 CCD-TR511E <br />- CCD-TR512E CCD-TR515E CCD-TR516 CCD-TR516E CCD-TR517 CCD-TR555 CCD-TR57 CCD-TR610 <br />- CCD-TR617 CCD-TR617E CCD-TR618 CCD-TR618E CCD-TR640E CCD-TR67 CCD-TR710 CCD-TR713E <br />- CCD-TR716 CCD-TR717 CCD-TR717E CCD-TR718 CCD-TR718E CCD-TR728 CCD-TR728E CCD-TR730E <br />- CCD-TR76 CCD-TR760E CCD-TR810E CCD-TR818 CCD-TR840E CCD-TR845E CCD-TR87 CCD-TR910 <br />- CCD-TR913E CCD-TR917 CCD-TR918 CCD-TR918E CCD-TR930 CCD-TR940 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />Music courtesy of <br /> <br />

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