10 Reasons We May Be Entering a Dark Age of Technology

General Ook
General Ook
19 Oct 2019

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When it comes to technology, we are living in amazing times. We have practically instant communication with people all over the globe, anyone can record anything with a device in their pocket and play it back later, we have a wealth of high tech entertainment options, transportation is a breeze compared to the days of horses, and companies are now looking toward increasingly complex nanotechnology.

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10. We Are Running Out Of A Lot Of Important Metals For Making Smartphones
9. Technology Is Becoming Increasingly Complex And Increasingly Layered
8. The Amount Of People Who Can Make An Entire Piece Of Technology Is Dwindling
7. Some Arts Are Already Mostly Lost To Time And Could Be Lost Entirely
6. Data Is Stored In Ways That May One Day Be Entirely Irretrievable
5. If The Environment Continues To Worsen, A Lot Of Infrastructure Will Be Destroyed
4. We May Have To Rediscover More “Primitive” Technologies From The Recent Past
3. Global Trade Could Be Very Easily And Very Quickly Disrupted By Environmental Disaster
2. Satellite Damage Could Further Weaken Our Ability To Communicate And Learn
1. People Could Be More Concerned With Resources In The Near Future Than Technology

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